Eden In Crisis

Eden In Crisis by Tonya Rice

Eden In Crisis

The Boutique Series #1

Eden Harper and Nelson Donnelly have been in a great place with their relationship, their businesses. Nelson's real estate investment firm continues to blossom and Eden's renowned boutique has been renovated and everyone is excited about the upcoming Grand Opening.

Except for Eden.

She's learned that corporate funds have been swindled from her account and the risk of whether or not her store will ever open again is very high. Shattering her belief in her amazing future with Nelson is finding out that all evidence points to him as the thief! As Eden learns more about Nelson's past and worries about the future of her store, the more she worries about the survival of their relationship. How can their love survive what she's learned? What he doesn't want her to know?

Grand Opening, the first book of The Boutique Series, is an engaging financial, romantic thriller.

Available in paperback and for your Kindle.

Amazon 5-star review: "A beautifully written novella of believable characters in high stakes living.."