Without Your Goodbye

Burying the Bitter

Without Your Goodbye

A Novelette

Shelby's life with Maz made her happy, until the day he couldn't see her anymore. Just like that... out of the blue. They'd both seemed so happy.

A few days later, she's heading for a business trip and a new client - the swoon-worthy Dr. Francisco Eisley - comes into her life. He makes her rethink her priorities, her passions, her life.

However, while the cloud of Maz continues to hover over her, she realizes there are some things about Dr. Eisley that don't add up and his move to town has become questionable. This made it time to step back for Shelby to step back and concentrate on herself.

But why can't the good doctor make her plans as easy as she thinks they should be?

Without Your Goodbye: A Novelette is a contemporary romance about love, family, and friendship. It's also a tale full of secrets, twists, and unexpected triangles.

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Amazon 5-star review: "Sass, deceit, ability to leave you wanting more."